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Oct 16, 2012 6:00am EDT
institutions in the united stat. statee. cyber-defense is more impprtant than ever, and joel d. smith is streaming now attthe cyber-marylann confereece nowwto see how omee of the latest safett measures are working.good morning joel d. d.american intelligence officials are incrrasingly convincee that iran waa the origin of a serious wave of computers across the saudi oil financial institutions in the unnted states, episodes that contributed to a warning last week frommdefense secretary leon e. anetta that thee unnted states was at riik of a 'cyberrpearl harbbr.'a&after mr. panetta's remarks on officials described an n and counteeattacks lreedy under way between the united states and ran in cybeespace. 3 3 3 & amazon has announced plans... to hire 50-ttousann workers thissholiiay season. thouusnds could stay on fful time.other major retailers have announced pllns to do the samee here's a list of 10 companies week.áthis list was compileed y a-o-l dot includes: toys ' s... maay's... seaas... s-a-i-c orporaae... unitedhealth group... also... heartland express... xerox seevices... at&t
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
psychially, sexually""i'd say he' the most prolific hild pedooile in the united states" merzbacher has maintained his innocence.the judges will if hh should go free: 3 indiana republican senate says he believes pregnancies resulttng from raae rr "a gift from god." god."now, republiian &ppresidential candidate mittt romney, who appeared in a tv ad forrmourdocc, is distancing hiiselffffom the senator. indiana senate candidates... mourdock made this statement. p just, i struggled with it for mysell a long time and i came to realize llfe s a gift situation of rape that is something god intended to happen. pfter the debbte, mourdock saying he as answering the qqestion... according tt his faith... saying.. god creates life.the flap comes about two republlcan candidatt for ssnate, ttdd akin,,said a woman is unlikely to become - "egitimate rapee" h called - with just 13 dayss o go beffreeelection day... the presidenttil caadidatts kick thier campaings into high gear... by makinn thh rounds ii crucial swing states, trying to win the support of undecided voters. two day campaign blltz across a s
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
southern united states, ending at the los angeles internationnl airporr.. but as andrew spencer explaiis... that was the easy pprt of the jjurney. spacc shuttle endeavour rolled into its fiial destination at the california science centee in los angeles sunday afternoon. ii took more than two daas foo the hhttll to of road from l-a-x. dozznn of way. bbt in other cases, the - shuttle's self-propelled turning thh shuttle 360 way arrunddobstacles. the its - mayor of los angeles hailed its arrival -- and its signiffcance. mission 26: people who gathered aaong the streets, i saw the real ift of tte endeavour, the gift of inspiration, the ggft oo dream-mmking, children 3 inspired to become the next generrtion of engineers and scientists anddyee,, astronauts. andda former endeavour astronaut described pow ii felt to ee the shuttle bitterrweee. you know, this is the last shuttle thhtts being delivereedto a museem. you knoo, it's -- to me, i'm pprsonally saddened too to see that these shuttles ce that the public will have the opportunity to come and see rrporting. the trrp was scheduled t
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
bangledesh.he came to thh united states on a student viss. charging documents show a military target ii baltimore was &pooiginally on his liit, but a weapon of ass destruction s - and attempting to provide every toww seems to have one. a location where &pbussness after business opens... and tten fails. almost as interesting as wwy thee don't make it... is hy the next owner thinks their &bu. pifferent. joel d. smith is live in glen burnie, where the newest "gino's" issoppning today.... to see why their recipe for uucess. good mornnng joelld. & 3 3 p3 3 this next vidde... just mighh have you shaking your head!a &pwould-be carjacking suspect.. gets quite the surprise wwilee surprise suspect... ggts - ccrjackiig a wwuld--e head!you shaking your just might have this neet video... 3 have you haking your head!a would-be hhad!you shakinggyour just might have thhs nnxt &pviieo....this next video... your ead!a would-be 3&quite tt the middle of his crime. crime.take a see the to be a gun at a man in a pickup truck. truck.the victimmgets out... at a man in a suspect... gun showing you see
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4